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P&L Solutions has been helping stores and restaurants achieve their potential through intelligent loss prevention solutions for years. While many loss prevention services are designed to reduce current losses, P&L Solutions offers solutions that also prevent future losses and maintain your profit margins well into the future. We achieve this by offering proactive loss prevention programs that focus on improving the behavior of employees and store management through advanced training, development, awareness, accountability and execution.

With our tremendous experience base, P&L Solutions can help you build a complete loss prevention solution, or work to improve your existing programs. Our proven history of success allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of just about any size organization.

The P&L Solutions Difference - Reactive vs. Performance Excellence

Traditional Loss Prevention

P&L Solutions
Reactive Solutions
Performance Excellence Solutions
Investigate after losses have occured
Prevent losses before they occur
Analyze data to find POS fraud
Educate managers on POS fraud prevention
Audit to identify non-compliance to company policy
Build morale to encourage compliance to company policy
Static LP awareness materials
Interactive LP Awareness Programs
Fear and intimidation
Partnerships and team building
Generic orientations
STEPS Management Training and PodTraining


Performance Excellence is the Key!

Any LP department can react to losses. You can never chase down lost shrink effectively. You need to establish a process to prevent losses in the first place. P&L Solutions are the experts in preventing losses. We accomplish it through our Performance Excellence programs. Performance Excellence is a process of identifying problems in the business early and implementing a proven strategy for correcting those problems.

Don't just sit back and wait for inventory results to tell you where your problems stores are and try to recoup your losses. Identify the problems early and prevent the losses in the first place. P&L Solutions' Performance Excellence Program does that for you!

More Support, Reduced Costs

During these tough economic times many companies are looking to cut back and find other ways to keep their businesses strong. P&L Solutions offers great solutions to help you reduce overhead costs and drive profits. Whether working for you as your loss prevention department, or acting as a support system for your existing loss prevention program, we can provide extensive nationwide field support while implementing exciting new programs that have achieved major results for our clients!

Free ROI Analysis

 Are you wondering how effective your current LP program is? Let P&L Solutions conduct an Return on Investment Analysis to tell you how much your LP department is bringing to the bottom line of your company. This is a free offer!

Find out all of the following:

  • Where your shrink rates compared to industry averages?
  • How much of a return on investment you are getting annually?
  • What additional programs can provide a significant ROI?
  • Are you overstaffed or understaffed in your LP department?

To get your FREE ROI Analysis, just send your request by email to info@plsolutions.net


Loss Prevention Services:

P&L Solutions offers nationwide loss prevention services for retailers and restaurants.




Shopping Services:

P&L Solutions provides natiowide shopping services to evaluate customer service and integrity.

Get paid to shop!

Mobile Applications Now Available!

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