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Solutions for Restaurants

Loss Prevention Solutions for Restaurants – reducing cost of sales.

Reducing your cost of sales and waste is vital to improving your profit margins. When cost-of-sales increases, the restaurant’s profit margins are reduced.
Our industry-leading Loss Prevention Solutions are highly effective in helping our clients build better businesses with reduced loss and stronger profitability because we’ve incorporated the features that you need most:

  • Comprehensive – we have the strongest, broadest set of loss prevention and management solutions available in the industry to meet virtually any business challenge you may face – now and in the future.
  • Customizable – the ability to customize our services means we’re best able to meet your unique needs and environment
  • Cost-effective – our loss prevention solutions have proven time and time again to be highly cost-effective for our clients.
  • Results driven – our clients achieve substantial return-on-investment (ROI) because our breadth of services and expertise means we’re able to provide the best solutions to meet their most critical needs
  • Leading-edge technology – our loss prevention services take advantage of the latest technology in areas such as online reporting and database management to ensure you’re staying ahead of the competition, time management, and access to solid information for better business decisions.

The bottom line is: P&L Solutions provides Loss Prevention Solutions for restaurants that that address cost of sales issues allowing you the maximum opportunity to reduce loss and improve profit margins.

STEPS Management Training Program
The Shrink Training and Education Program (STEPs) is designed to educate managers in effectively managing their own stores to reduce losses on a daily basis. The program will ensure that your management team is among the best trained and most effective managers in the restaurant industry. Our industry leading program has left managers singing it’s praises for years.

Awareness and Communication Programs
Employees often don’t understand the impact that losses have on profitability. Reducing cost of sales in your store requires your employees to be fully aware and understand the impact of loss, and know how to reduce losses. P&L Solutions can help you implement an Awareness and Communication Program that best equips your employees with the knowledge and motivation they need to feel part of your team and committed to seeking out and removing opportunities for loss. Our Awareness and Communication Programs get employees involved by focusing on areas they really care about.

Employee Orientation Program
One of the most important elements to building an effective and productive team is to get them started the right way. Our Employee Orientation Programs will help your company get employees started knowing that reducing losses is of the utmost importance, and they play an important role in achieving great results. We will help you create materials for new hires including handbooks, sign off sheets, videos, and CD-ROMs that will send a powerful message and inspire your employees to get involved in fighting losses.

Employee Training Program
P&L Solutions offers ongoing employee training programs to continue to fine-tune and improve the skills and awareness of your employees to better identify loss, theft, and waste risks and change behavior patterns that will not only improve customer satisfaction, but it will also improve their productivity while reducing opportunities for loss due to theft or waste.

Business Abuse Hotline
Employees may be afraid to speak up to management about situations they witness that are causing loss for the restaurant. They may feel intimidated or nervous that it will lead to work or social repercussions. That’s where P&L Solutions can help. We offer a Business Abuse Hotline that allows your employees to speak to one of our Loss Prevention experts safely and anonymously – 24/7 - to help expose business abuse without fear of repercussions.

Build a Sale, Customer Service
P&L Solutions has developed a highly effective method at building sales through increased customer service and productivity. We can help you establish a customer service program that stays true to your core business values. We will develop a training program to implement those service values to your locations. Then we will help ensure compliance to those standards by auditing those stores through both announced and unannounced visits. Immediate feedback on performance results will give your store.

High Cost Focus Programs
The fact is clear: 20% of your restaurants cause 80% of your problems. That’s where P&L Solutions’ High Cost Focus Program can work for you. By focusing on the restaurants that are causing most of your problems and loss, we fix the ones that are doing the most damage to your profit margins. Our High Cost Focus Program clients see a typical reduction in cost-of-sales of 35% as well as a 5% increase in sales - all within the first six months!

Best Practice Audits
We will design a best practice audit for your business to enhance operating practices, improve in store training, and reduce loss risks. Or we can utilize and refine your existing audit used currently in the business. Our experienced loss prevention team will conduct the audit and help develop strategies to reduce loss risks within your organization.

Exception Report Monitoring
We will monitor your current exception reporting systems. We will identify the exceptions and provide recommendations on the best way to address each exception. We can also provide an Exception Reporting system to your organization.

Restitution and Recovery Program
We will develop and implement a restitution and recovery program for your business. This will allow client organizations to recover losses caused by employees with in the organization.

Cost Management Programs
Our leading edge cost management program will help your business reduce risks for losses. Including areas of food costs, cost of sales, and liquor costs.

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