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Customer Service Shopping

Businesses use customer service shopping for two reasons:

  1. To identify store level performance and compliance to company expectations
  2. To answer crucial questions about the customer's experience

Implementing a customer service shopping program is a proven, highly effective way to ensure you achieve both objectives. The shoppers we use are trained to understand your company objective and standards. Their independent and impartial observations give you detailed information about the store's performance and gives you a clear picture on the type of service your customers see when they enter your facilities. It also gives you a valuable tool to hold your people accountable for their performance, resulting in a customer experience that should consistently exceed expectations.

Understanding the uniqueness of your business is what makes P&L Solutions different from our competition. While others promote the "hundreds of thousands" of shoppers they have access to we focus on quality over quantity. All mystery shopping services generally find shoppers through the same databases, so our ability to find shoppers extends as far as others. The difference is we never put out mass postings for shopping jobs and just give the job to the first person who accepts it. Every one of our shoppers is hand selected and trained to complete shops within your business.

We are committed to providing the best service to our clients in the most efficient manner. We utilize our 4-KAST database to deliver reports in a timely manner to ensure that you are notified when your reports are completed.

If you would like a live consultation on the needs of your business please contact us for more information.


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