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GPS - Generate Profits From Shrink!

Navigate your way to low shrink.  The P&L Solutions GPS Program will help you generate profit from shrink.  Our revolutionary approach to loss prevention that utilizes the latest technology and innovative strategies that offer the quickest shrink reduction in the industry is available in one comprehensive package. 

Components of GPS Program

The Early Response Program (ERP) is the heart of preventing shrinkage in retail stores.  The ERP is designed to monitor the performance of all of the stores in an organization to identify locations that are showing indicators of signs that are consistent with stores that have high shrink and to ensure that steps are taken to reverse the negative trend.

 The Measured Response Program (MRP) is designed to implement a consistent process in high shrink stores that ensures that managers are following the basic strategies for low shrink.  The program partners management at all levels to work together to help these stores reduce their shrink.

The STEPS program is P&L Solutions’ management training and certification program.  The objective of the training is to ensure that all levels of management have been thoroughly trained to battle shrink in their stores on a daily basis.  This 10-module program will provide management with a solid foundation for building up a successful store team that is focused on reducing losses and increasing sales.

The Shrink Aware Program is designed to engage, educate and empower employees to drive down company shrink.  By heightening awareness and educating employees, the program will spur employees to act in a way that is in the best interest of building profitability in the organization and will promote a culture of honesty.

The Loss Prevention Audit program is designed to monitor compliance to company policy.  The audit program will provide corporate with a snapshot of the performance of the store and effectiveness of the store management so they can respond by taking appropriate disciplinary action or rewarding excellent performance.





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