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About P&L Solutions

P&L Solutions was founded by two forward-thinking retail executives who spent years in real world environments learning to solve business problems that made operations run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Armed with this tremendous experience base, they formed P&L Solutions to build and deliver cost-effective business solutions for retailers and restaurants designed using solid, proven business principles to reduce shrinkage, minimize liability, improve competitiveness, and increase profits and shareholder value.

Unlike other outsourcing organizations (who often implement LP efforts that achieved less results than your own internal efforts – and at greater cost), P&L Solutions’ business model is designed to provide exceptional loss prevention services that result in substantial loss reduction and increased profitability. We achieve these objectives by following a specific business philosophy that focuses on the improving the knowledgebase and skills of the people within your own organization. We work to develop a cohesive team within your entire operations that is working together to fight shrink.

This approach has led to great results for our clients – and has made P&L Solutions one of the fastest growing companies in the Loss Prevention Outsourcing field. We are a company that delivers results to our clients by reducing losses and increasing profits. As we continue to grow, we will continue to make investments in expertise, technology, and facilities to expand our business services while leveraging the latest innovations to continually serve the needs of our valued clients as they grown and adapt to changing business environments.

Our Expertise

Retail stores and restaurants across the US trust P&L Solutions to help them create more cost-effective, profitable businesses with improved loss prevention services and strategies. We are the only loss prevention service provider in the country that offers proactive programs designed to improve employee behavior by utilizing industry leading training, development, awareness, analysis, and program execution.

Our vast experience, talented team, superior customer service, technology, and leading edge strategies makes us the leader in loss prevention services. Our ability to reduce loss and increase profitability in a relatively short time line makes us the only loss prevention provider to help business achieve better profit margins.

Our Team

Our team is the best in the industry. With at least 10 years experience, well trained and developed (and fully Wicklander-Zulawski trained), we are ready to support your loss prevention efforts in your business. Our national presence with personnel in most major markets, including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New York, and more, we’re best able to respond to our client’s needs quickly and effectively – saving valuable time and travel expenses. In addition, our rapid responsiveness means we can implement programs immediately, keep expenses low, and impact profitability by reducing loss.

The bottom line is: P&L Solutions has the most talented, strongest team of experienced management experts with the ability to respond rapidly and efficiently to our clients from any of our major locations across the US. We pledge experience, professionalism, courtesy, integrity, and a relentless focus to help you achieve the best results.

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