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Live Training - Online Training - Loss Prevention Awareness

In the retail world, shrink is a constant problem; one that erodes profit margins and damages companies. Traditionally, loss prevention departments have been the leaders in the fight to reduce shrink. In today’s economy, however, relying upon your loss prevention department to solve shrink problems is, quite simply, not good enough. In order to achieve optimum results, every member of the retail management team must actively participate in your organization’s shrink-reduction efforts.

As such, P&L Solutions has created the STEPS program to help support all retail loss prevention efforts. The STEPS program will teach retail store managers, multi-unit managers, and support services managers how to effectively manage a variety of issues that lead to increased shrink. The day-to-day activities at store level will have the greatest impact on improving your organization’s shrink results, and STEPS will provide them with tools and information they need to be successful.

STEPS Learning Objectives!

  • Learn that through improving the methods you employ to manage your employees it will greatly influence your shrink results.
  • Learn that reducing shrink is the responsibility of every retail manager and employee.
  • Learn that customer service is the only true deterrent to shoplifting.
  • Learn how to identify the behaviors in employees that are indicative of heading down the path to engaging in internal theft.
  • Learn how to manage problem employees out of your business before they create losses to your store.
  • Learn that efforts to catch people stealing may be counterproductive to preventing theft.

Shoplift Prevention Strategies

  • Shoplift Prevention Through Customer Service
  • Reacting to Various Types of Shoplifters
  • Responding to Electronic Article Surveillance Alarms
  • Fitting Room Shoplift Prevention
  • Breaking up a Shoplift Attempt After Merchandise Was Concealed
  • Shoplifting Liabilities

Internal Theft Prevention Strategies

  • Identify Negative Behaviors Indicative of Internal Theft
  • Identify Physical Actions Indicative of Internal Theft
  • Responding to Suspicions of Internal Theft
  • Managing Problem Employees Out of the Business
  • Utilizing Internal Data to Identify Theft
  • Building a Case for Prosecution

Who Should Recieve Training?

The STEPS program is geared towards any retail manager who wants to learn the most effective strategies for shrink reduction.

  • Retail Multi-Unit Operations Managers (Regional/District)
  • Store Level Operations Managers (including Assistant Managers and Supervisors)
  • Retail Human Resources Managers
  • Retail Loss Prevention Managers
  • Small Retail Business Owner

STEPS is now available to retailers in multiple formats!

  • Live Training Classes - Each STEPS module is a two-hour class. Contact us today to schedule the module that is best for your organization.
  • Online Training (Coming January 2012) - STEPS is now available online. We have broken the modules down to shorter sessions so your team isn't taken away from business for too long at a time. The online training provides tracking information so you know who has completed the courses and monitor results. Click here to register.
  • Awareness Programs - We have incorporated elements of STEPS into our awareness programs so your store teams get better educated about how they can help reduce shrink in your stores.

STEPS Modules Available -

  • Intro to Loss Prevention
  • Preventing Shoplifting
  • Preventing Employee Theft
  • Identifying Employee Theft
  • Investigating Employee Theft
  • Develop a Loss Prevention Culture
  • Using Policy to Prevent Internal Theft


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