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Digital Awareness – The ultimate Loss Prevention Awareness tool for reaching the MTV Generation

As a provider of Loss Prevention Outsourcing programs, P&L Solutions has helped many companies to build, implement and maintain Loss Prevention Awareness Programs. Because of our tremendous depth of experience, it has afforded us the opportunity to see what strategies work – and in which environments. Through these experiences, we constantly reassess how these Loss Prevention Awareness programs are working and what new components and adjustments can be made to present a more comprehensive and effective program.

Tradition Loss Prevention Awareness programs aren’t effective because they don’t reach the MTV Generation.

The fact is clear: if you’re relying on the traditional method of placing posters and flyers in break rooms and hallways as your Loss Prevention Awareness program, you’re not reaching your employees very effectively. Graphically attractive posters may gain attention when they’re first placed on the wall, but after a short period of time, they become wallpaper to the employees. They don’t have long-term effectiveness in maintaining awareness levels – and certainly even less so for today’s employees – whose attention spans have shrunk considerably thanks to the fast-paced world of MTV, video games, and channel surfing.

To be effective, Loss Prevention Awareness programs need to use the same attention-grabbing tactics as today’s advertisers do – with short, exciting commercials that are constantly changing with images and music. That’s where Digital Signage comes in.

Digital Signage – The Next Generation of Loss Prevention Awareness

P&L Solutions’ Digital Signage allows you to store any video or audio data and broadcast it to all the stores. Digital Signage gives you the opportunity to create “commercials” to promote Loss Prevention Awareness. Imagine the possibilities:
- A humorous commercial showing an employee caught stealing.
- A serious public service announcement talking about the consequences of stealing.
- A light-hearted clip, set to upbeat music, showing the positive effects of customer service in preventing shoplifting
- An inspirational message promoting use of the company hotline.
Now imagine these messages played on a constant loop on a flat screen TV in the break room, inter-spliced with music videos. How much more impact would that have on your employees (vs. staring at a poster on the wall)??

P&L Solutions’ Digital Signage – Much more than just a Loss Prevention Awareness solution.
P&L Solutions Digital Signage can be used not just for effective Loss Prevention awareness. It can be used as an effective employee communications and education tool for a wide variety of communications needs:

  • Safety education campaigns
  • Human Resource and Personnel announcements
  • Company employee newsletters and events
  • Emergency response announcements
  • New product promotions or sales incentive announcements
  • Loss prevention awareness training

The uses for P&L Solutions’ Digital Signage are only limited by your own imagination. Any message that you want to communicate to your stores, you can – timely and effectively. It’s the ultimate, effective Loss Prevention Awareness solution – and a whole lot more:

  • Allows fresh, exciting messages sent to all employees on a consistent basis.
  • Provides the message in a format that employees enjoy and will capture their attention.
  • Offers flexibility to change the message as often as you would like.
  • Provides tremendous cost savings in printing travel, and time.
  • Provides consistent training to all employees
  • Increases topic awareness and message retention
In addition, smart businesses who implement P&L Solutions’ Digital Signage for their loss prevention awareness efforts see additional benefits:
  • Increase in sales as employees retain more about customer service
  • Reduced shrinkage and losses as employees retain the training and awareness materials
  • Reduced safety and worker compensation claims due to improved topic retention
Isn’t it time that you moved your Loss Prevention Awareness Program to the next generation?
Click here to request more information about the next generation of training and awareness programs
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