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Digital Video Recorders – Cost-Effective Remote Monitoring Solutions for Any Sized Business

P&L Solutions offers the latest in Digital Video Recorder technology to meet the needs any virtually any sized retail or restaurant business. Our Digital Video Recorders are capable of monitoring from one up to 32 video cameras and 16 audio channels simultaneously. . This state-of-the art digital surveillance system is a full-featured PC based system, including digital recording and remote access, offering simplicity without sacrifice.

Remote Monitoring Flexibility
Our Digital Video Recorders (DVR) take advantage of the power of the World Wide Web to bring you tremendous flexibility in how you choose to monitor your facilities – without compromising security. With our Digital Video Recorders, you can view the cameras locally, on a LAN, from anywhere in the world using standard phone lines or from anywhere on the Internet.

We offer a range of DVR packages to meet your needs:

Window Vision G5 Basic DVR
Built on the Intel® Celeron platform, the Basic DVR comes with the full-featured Window Vision DVR software. This is a flexible and affordable DVR solution offering powerful features and an intuitive interface.

Window Vision G5 Advanced DVR
Built on the Intel® P4 platform, the Advanced DVR also uses the full-featured Window Vision DVR software. Available in varied frame rates and hard drive sizes, the Advanced DVR is the most scalable DVR on the market. The system includes a writable CD-RW, enhanced power supply, industrial case, and Windows XP Professional - all standard components.

Windows Vision G6 DVR software
Windows Vision G6 DVR software is a powerful, yet easy-to-use digital video recording tool with a highly-intuitive user interface. With the Windows Vision G6 software, video can easily be downloaded to a CD or DVD in either the proprietary Window Vision format or AVI format. Window Vision Remote (included) provides secure live and recorded video from the host server to a remote site. The Remote is capable of up to sixteen simultaneous Multi-Host connections. Pocket PC remote software is also available.

When video is archived to a CD or DVD the Playback Viewer program is recorded to the CD/DVD. The archive can then be played on any other Windows computer without first having to install viewing software. Window Vision G6 has an exhaustive list of features – which are readily accessible via Window Vision’s wizard which step the user through the most demanding features with ease.

Windows Vision L1 DVR software
Windows Vision L1 DVR software is a scaled down version of the popular G6 series. It offers fewer features but the same ease of use and dependability and is meant for digital video recording environments that require less demanding or complex applications.


For full details on our Windows Vision Digital Video solutions, click here
P&L Solutions also offers a wide range of IPIX camera and Digital Video Recorder products and solutions to meet any business need. Be sure to contact P&L Solutions for more details, or email us at info@plsolutions.net
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