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P&L Solutions Customer Service Audits (CSA) – Taking Mystery Shopping
to the Next Level

Maintaining competitiveness to ensure profitability and longevity requires constant and consistent collection and measurement of customer feedback throughout your store locations. The challenge with most Mystery Shopper Solutions is that they force you to comply with their standard feedback tools – providing an assessment of how random customers may view your stores based on a common standard view. They don’t recognize that different stores have different standards of quality and performance. What may be an “Excellent” rating for another store chain may not be good enough for your store standards.

P&L Solutions’ Customer Service Audits take the benefits of Mystery Shopping and bring it to the next level – allowing you to adapt the auditing process to meet your specific business environment, company standards, and expectations. The result is more powerful, useful customer feedback information that matches your unique business standards to help you better identify store level performance issues.

With P&L Solutions Customer Service Audits, you gain the benefits of years of store auditing experience:

  • Individualized reports that are custom designed to meet your specific store needs
  • Immediate feedback to store level management – to allow immediate implementation of improvements
  • Immediate recognition of excellent employee performance
  • Trained auditors to measure performance and service based on your specific, unique standards and business processes

With P&L Solutions Customer Service Audits, you’ll achieve a more finely-tuned business able to adapt quickly to changing customer needs and competitive environments while building and maintaining the satisfaction of your customers and the positive, productive attitude of your employees.

Contact P&L Solutions today to hear more about how our Customer Service Audits can be designed to meet your unique business needs.

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